Welcome to People Tree Training

We are a UK training provider delivering a range of training courses,
bespoke programme design and NLP coaching.


Equine Assisted NLP

Have you lost your confidence? Do you want to raise your levels of self-esteem? Unbridled Confidence is a process that uses a combination of NLP with horses, who are sensitive to our unconscious messages.


NLP Coaching

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is being recognised as a significant aid
if you’d like to feel better, be more confident, feel happier, change your life or career.


Our Courses

Grow your potential with our comprehensive courses and workshops.


We help individuals and organisations
grow and change

Based in Northamptonshire, we work with many types of organisations, from the public, private and not-for-profit sector. We tailor our courses to suit your objectives and can deliver at your location to reduce time away from role. We have grown through repeat business and recommendation since the year 2000 and are proud to have been working with some of our clients during all of those years. Take a look at our latest news page to see who we are working with right now.

Our Courses

Try our award winning Courses for Assertiveness, Customer Care, Facilitation Skills, Team Building, plus many more.

Case Studies

Our case studies section provides customer insights into how we work and provides client feedback on our improved team cohesion.

One to One Coaching

Personalised coaching which helps you get more from your life: stretch and grow, get results and get inspiration.