Have you lost your confidence? Do you want to raise your levels of self-esteem?

Do you suffer from social anxiety or limiting beliefs about yourself? If so, take heart, at some point in our lives many of us have concerns or troubles that threaten to overwhelm us. Unbridled Confidence is a process that uses a combination of NLP (a talking therapy that helps change our thoughts and then our behaviour) with horses, who are sensitive to our unconscious messages. The equine element shows us a unique mirror on ourselves. The combination of NLP and the equine input, provides clients with the opportunity to release unhelpful old thoughts and beliefs and make a change that lasts.

No riding involved or previous experience required.

Being shown how to control a huge horse with me being small was great. Controlling the horse was mind-blowing, something that I never dreamt I could do. I felt different, it made me feel stronger.

Client. Northamptonshire Partnership Homes

I have benefitted from an unbridled confidence session myself, thank you Sally and Chris, best day ever!

Client - The Bridge Project, Northampton

Thank you so much for today, it has been immeasurably brilliant!

Client - Aug 2014, Northampton

My experience of equine therapy was deeply mind blowing. Equine therapy communicates truths…words fall short

Client MT

The use of horses in therapy is not as “new age” as you might imagine.

Although these large, often unpredictable creatures are finely attuned to the emotions of others and respond to human feelings and actions (because they’re prey animals), their presence in this case acts as a large metaphor. The things we are blind to, about ourselves or our behaviour, come alive in front of us as the horses respond and reflect back to us. The horses become a vehicle for clients to openly discuss their emotions and experiences. When people learn to work constructively with horses, their confidence in managing themselves for the future improves. Equine-assisted NLP is a powerful way of helping people find their own solutions and teaches them to manage difficult feelings or situations. In a nutshell, it’s a metaphor rich, experiential workshop during which people complete ground activities (non-riding) with horses, to achieve specific outcomes and objectives in a non corporate outdoor environment.

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