3 Hour Session

  • Understand all the varied relationships we have in our lives
  • Recognise what a healthy relationship is (and what it isn’t)
  • Discuss ‘While in a healthy relationship you……’ (we will fill in the gaps during the session)
  • Discuss ‘While in an unhealthy relationship you…..’ (we will fill in the gaps during the session)
  • Learn to recognise that any partner does not owe you your happiness and vice versa
  • Learn how to identify early signs of negative behaviours in any potential future friends/partners
  • Discuss letting go of any existing unhealthy relationships in your life
  • Create a picture of your future healthy relationships


3 Hour Session 

  • Explore a little about how our brain works; left side/right side, unconscious, conscious, subconscious
  • Discuss how our mind and our body are connected and how this impacts on our day to day life
  • Learn how our thoughts filter information in line with our ‘normal’ pattern of thinking and how this creates self-fulfilling outcomes
  • Experience some simple tests to highlight what you are filtering at the moment
  • Learn how to notice and hold positives and alter your ‘state’ of mind
  • Try out some fun mood switching activities
  • Learn to change your filters, your thoughts and therefore your outcomes
  • Enjoy understanding a little about how your thoughts are creating outcomes and how to manage that process in a way that helps you


3 Hour Workshop

  • Where am I now?
  • What is confidence?
  • What does a lack of confidence cost me?
  • The most confident people (role models) and the most confident you
  • Questions for making changes /exercises for change /strategies for confidence


3 Hour (Follow On Session)

This is a follow on session for those who are now ready to return to the workplace after they have taken part in a supporting course such as ‘Thinking That Works’, ‘Relationship Confidence’ or ‘Confidence Blocks’.

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