Modular Programme

The genesis for this material came about through researching what effective managers, across a variety of industries, actually did when creating High Performance. ‘Creating’ is not too strong a term here because, in the same set of circumstances, some managers were highly effective, while many of their counterparts were much less so. It was as though some people had, in various ways, found an approach which really worked for them – and that approach was remarkably consistent across all the effective managers and range of industries – while the less successful managers operated to a much less cohesive or consistent approach.

Tune your skills & learn to cope with circumstance

What was sharply visible, too, was that the more effective managers were much more competent and comfortable in responding to the demands of today’s organisational context, while the less effective ones, although perhaps having been successful in the past, were struggling to come to grips with new ways of working.

We were encouraged, in the words of one of the people we worked with, to ‘bottle’ the best practice we found and thus make it available to others. Our experience since with thousands of managers is that they strongly identify with the approach, and find the techniques and practices meaningful, practical and readily applicable.

Whether you need to tune your skills or cope well with a new set of circumstances, or whether you are becoming responsible for the performance of others for the first time, we believe that sharing our approach with you will help.

A comprehensive programme including 5 psychometrics that identify current strengths and key areas for focus during the programme.

Comprehensive text book for use during and post programme. Suitable for those new to management or those wishing to refresh their management and leadership approach. Programme can be delivered in a  modular format to suit your organisation or timeframe.

  • Underlying attitudes and beliefs for success (psychometric)
  • What high performance leader/developers actually do
  • Explicitness – the under emphasised skill
  • Diagnosing performance issues – why people behave as they do
  • Assertiveness – essential for people management
  • Rewards & penalties
  • Maximising people’s potential through feedback – catch them doing it right
  • Motivation (psychometric)
  • Situational leadership and consistency – adapting your style (psychometric)
  • Leading change and transition (psychometric)
  • Putting it all together (psychometric)


Understand the Concept of a Coaching Culture

Suitable for leaders on every level who wish to unleash latent potential in their teams by dissolving dependence in favour of interdependence.  


  • Understanding the concept of a coaching culture
  • Understand how coaching links to high performance
  • Empower staff to be self-directing and interdependent
  • Understand how to unleash the discretionary effort available within individuals, through coaching
  • Recognise and select the best methods of communication for coaching including great listening and questioning skills
  • Understand effective coaching methods using a recognised model
  • Give & receive feedback and encourage learners to give feedback to improve performance
  • Minimise barriers to effective coaching
  • Agree learning goals for coaching
  • Understand the need to monitor and assess performance


Two x One-Day Courses

  • Understand all the varied relationships we have in our lives
  • Recognise what a healthy relationship is (and what it isn’t)
  • Discuss ‘While in a healthy relationship you……’ (we will fill in the gaps during the session)
  • Discuss ‘While in an unhealthy relationship you…..’ (we will fill in the gaps during the session)
  • Learn to recognise that any partner does not owe you your happiness and vice versa
  • Learn how to identify early signs of negative behaviours in any potential future friends/partners
  • Discuss letting go of any existing unhealthy relationships in your life
  • Create a picture of your future healthy relationships


Two x 2 Hour One to One Coaching Sessions

  • Explore a little about how our brain works; left side/right side, unconscious, conscious, subconscious
  • Discuss how our mind and our body are connected and how this impacts on our day to day life
  • Learn how our thoughts filter information in line with our ‘normal’ pattern of thinking and how this creates self-fulfilling outcomes
  • Experience some simple tests to highlight what you are filtering at the moment
  • Learn how to notice and hold positives and alter your ‘state’ of mind
  • Try out some fun mood switching activities
  • Learn to change your filters, your thoughts and therefore your outcomes
  • Enjoy understanding a little about how your thoughts are creating outcomes and how to manage that process in a way that helps you

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